Congrats to our Doctors!

We are wishing a hearty congratulations to our new doctors! Day Butcher was virtually hooded for completion of her doctoral graduation on May 21st in Counseling and Human Development. As part of her degree she completed and defended her dissertation in August 2020, which looked at evaluating an art intervention to teach idioms to adults […]

ACCS: Always Learning and Growing

May’s Employee Spotlight- Lisa McHugh May’s employee spotlight is Lisa M. Lisa is a beautiful soul who takes pride in every moment she gives to ACCS. She continually seeks out education to assist her individuals and give them a better life experience. Lisa always greets everyone with a smile and brings bubbles of joy to […]

Out and About

…..and WE ARE BACK! Safely of course! This month brought back small gatherings of staff and consumers in person. This group of folks met in Philadelphia and went to the Academy of Natural Sciences Museum for an afternoon of fun. Keep an eye out for more ACCS outings!

One Year of COVID-19

For one entire year, we as a company have been facing adversity in providing services in the world of COVID-19. Many would look at this and see negatives. ACCS took this as a challenge and grew. We adapted, overcame each new rule and regulation that came out, and we kept our individuals safe and cared for. Let’s applaud our dedicated and flexible staff, strong administration, and flexible consumers […]


He’s the rootinest tootinest cowboy around! Meet Shayne R. resident line dancing extraordinaire! Shayne, a client who hails from Altoona, PA, is in charge of one of the most well attended social groups ACCS offers. When Shayne isn’t busting a move, he is volunteering, working or hanging out with his girlfriend. Shayne is always striving […]

Never Stop Learning

ACCS where we strive for greatness; Jeff is a leader in that mission! We would like to congratulate Jeff on recently obtaining his BCBA from Florida Institute of Technology. But does he stop there? No! He is currently enrolled in an accounting class with Harvard Online. Jeff personally would like to thank Dave Leamer for being a guide through his education. […]